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Lets face it, we all have  faced “hidden” charges or been talked into unnecessary service work. Here at Kingdom Solutions we offer a unique, convenient, honest approach to auto repairs all from the comfort of your home or workspace.

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Our Automobile Services


Don’t know whats wrong with your vehicle? Lets change that narrative! Our technicians will perform multi-step comprehensive test. The data gathered we use to provide the best possible solution to get your car up and running.

Full Synthetic Oil Change Package

 When was the last time you had that air filter replaced.  Has your MPG decreased? Getting a fuel treatment or one of your filters (air/cabin) replaced during an oil change saves money and restores peak performance. 

Service Brake System

Have you heard the news? Word around town is you haven’t been paying much attention to your brakes, but the neighbors have. That squeaking noise isn’t going to fix itself. Let us fix your brakes.

Part Installation

Saw a YouTube video on how to fix the car but now don’t trust yourself?? No problem! Yeah we can help with that too. We can install the parts you supplied without passing judgement. Nobody has to know.


Regular routine tune-ups, unlike the extended warranties we all get calls about, are actually a necessary part of owning a vehicle. They are intended to replace what are known as “wear and tear” parts. Schedule our tune-up services.

Service AC System

No Air coming out the vents. There are many possible reasons why your car’s A/C may not be working the way it used to and a leak might be one of them. Either way we can fix that

Electrical Systems

Your car depends on the electrical system to run. It is the lifeline of your vehicle. From batteries and starters to radios and windshield wipers, It provides electricity to while the car is running. We’re experts in diagnosing, maintaining and repairing your charging system.

General Maintenance Request

Have an issue not listed. No problem, that’s what this section is for. Go ahead and schedule an appointment and whatever is going on, our experiences technicians will get to the bottom of.

About us

Kingdom Solutions is a local, full-featured mobile auto shop based in Columbia, SC. Instead of searching for a different provider every time your vehicle has a problem, waiting in a lobby for hours, our technicians can deal with everything from electrical problems to diagnostic issues, all from the comfort of your driveway, workplace or wherever you vehicle happens to breakdown at.

We believe in providing the best possible customer service and transparent pricing for all the work we do. When you choose us, know you’re in good hands and that when you drive your vehicle away from it will have an excellent repair or maintenance service – that’s the KINGDOM SOLUTIONS way!


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